After working with Attorney Jennifer L. Hamey while preparing my parent's legal documents and observing the way she calmed, reassured, and addressed all of my father's concerns throughout the process, there was no doubt that Attorney Hamey was the best legal counsel to represent all of our legal interests.

Attorney Hamey expertly guided us through preparing our family trust, thereby assuring that we had taken measures to distribute our property and transfer our estate assets to our only daughter while securing her long-term well-being and financial security and minimizing probate taxes rather than the court system making those decisions. Attorney Hamey also made sure that we had incorporated legal provisions to care for our beloved pets after our passing, which was an important detail we had not considered until she mentioned it.

Attorney Hamey prepared our living wills, financial and medical powers of attorney (POAs), and advanced directives, which legally sets the medical intervention parameters should we become mentally or physically vulnerable and/or incapacitated. It's comforting to know that these legal documents are in place to assure that our intensions will be honored and to relieve our daughter from the burdensome and often difficult decisions about our medical care when the time comes to execute our wishes.

Holding a Ph.D. Education, I feel an obligation to pay it forward by donating a portion of my assets to help advance the education of others. Attorney Hamey provided guidance by suggesting ways to achieve this philanthropic legacy objective.

Working with Attorney Hamey since 2012 while living in Colorado, Ohio, and now Florida, we have relied on her knowledge and expertise to update our legal documents so as to be in compliance with the various state rules and regulations. She also represented our interests during a contentious issue that arose while settling a different family trust disbursement.

Attorney Hamey is always receptive to questions, no matter how simple or challenging; and, she consistently provides a rapid response. We highly recommend Attorney Hamey as a knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable, and caring legal agent who has efficiently and effectively represented all of our family's legal matters throughout the years. At this point, we also consider her to be a great friend!