Current Lawsuits for Unsafe Drugs and Products

There are always new cases being brought forth as a result of possible negligence and damages caused by different companies and manufacturers. Some current cases that are pending at this time include:


Alleged to have caused birth defects in children whose mothers were taking this drug while pregnant.


This is an antipsychotic drug alleged to have caused impulse control problems, specifically gambling behaviors, as a result of taking this drug.


This drug is alleged to have caused bleeding and hemorrhaging issues in those taking it.


This is a diabetic drug alleged to have caused kidney damage and diabetic ketoacidosis.

Talcum Powder / Baby Powder

This is a product claim alleging that Johnson & Johnson talcum and baby powder caused ovarian and uterine cancer.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered from any of these conditions as a result of taking any of these drugs, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact our office to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION and discuss your case further. Additionally, please check back to our blog where frequent updates and new cases will be added.