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The decision to file bankruptcy is never an easy one. Most people that make the decision to file bankruptcy do so as a result of some major change in life such as divorce or job loss. Read More

Bankruptcy Terms

There are several important terms that a client will hear when filing for bankruptcy that may be confusing. View definitions of common bankruptcy terminology. Read More

Common Types of Bankruptcy

There are two main types of bankruptcy that most people qualify for: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Learn who qualifies and how to start the process. Read More

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

The first consultation with a bankruptcy attorney at Jennifer L. Hamey, PC is an informal meeting that will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The first consultation is FREE. Read More

Probate Law

After the death of a loved one, it can be overwhelming to deal with the list of tasks that need to be done. We strive to make sure that we handle all these legal matters to get the assets probated as soon as possible. Read More

What is a Personal Representative?

A personal representative is the person designated in the Last Will and Testament, or ordered by the court, who handles probating an estate with the help of a probate attorney. Read More

Where Does the Probate Get Filed?

Traditionally, the probate gets filed in the county where the deceased party resided at the time of death. If the person had real estate in another state, an ancillary estate may also be needed. Read More

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

When you come in for your free initial consult, there are many documents that we will need to assist in opening the probate estate. Read More

Estate Planning

No one likes to think about death and dying. Unfortunately, it is something we all must face at some point. And it is important to take the time to consider who you want to get the assets that you worked hard for over the years. Read More

Basic Estate Planning Documents

Regardless of what your estate planning needs may be, there are a few documents that every person should have to protect their needs. Read More

Special Considerations

Each family is unique and can have a special set of needs that another household may not have. With all of these differences, there are special considerations that may be applicable to your family. Read More

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

When you come in for your initial estate planning consult, it is helpful to have some information available for review. Learn what questions to ask yourself. Read More

Injuries & Accidents

Our Florida personal injury team includes attorneys Jennifer L. Hamey and co-counsel Lawrence J. Scanlon, who has 40 years experience in litigation. Read More

Auto Accidents

A car accident is never a pleasant experience. Because an accident can lead to extensive damage and long term injuries, it is important to learn about your legal rights. Read More

Top 5 Tips if You Have Been in a Car Accident

Everyone should learn what to do if you have been in a car accident — and how to protect your legal rights. Read More

Florida Automobile Accident Law: Knowledge is Power

The laws of Florida discuss many requirements and limitations available to someone that is involved in a car accident. It is important to be aware of this information. Read More

When Can I Sue for Injuries from a Car Accident?

Florida law limits who can file a successful lawsuit after a car accident. Our attorneys can help you determine if your case qualifies. Read More

MDL - Multidistrict Litigation

MDLs can be compared to a class action lawsuit. However, unlike a class action, each MDL remains its own separate case and not one lawsuit lumped together involving a large group of people. Read More

Current Lawsuits for Unsafe Drugs and Products

There are always new cases being brought forth as a result of possible negligence and damages caused by different companies and manufacturers. Here are just a few. Read More